These Instagram famous detox teas have gotten some attention from celebrities, followers, and doctors because of their claimed effectiveness. Cardi B and Kylie Jenner are two of the celebrities who have claimed that Teami Blends tea is what keeps them from getting bloated.

Fit Tea, Flat Tummy Tea, and MateFit are some other brands that celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Kim Kardashian gush about. Can we attribute the health of these celebs to these detox teas?

There is More to Health than Drinking a Magic Tea

Tea alone won’t make you miraculously look slim and glowing. There is more to health than that. This is the main message that health experts want people to know when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. If you eat unhealthily but drink your Flat Tummy Tea before bed, you aren’t necessarily going to feel and look 100%. This always seemed common sense, but some health professionals are saying that all this tea is… is tea. There might actually be nothing significant about these detox teas.

It May Reduce Water Weight, but So Will Any Laxative 

Nutritionists say that some of these teas contain laxatives. Laxatives may help you lose water weight, but the water weight will be gained right back next time you drink water. This might give users the effect of reduced bloating, but this is in now way detoxing your body from anything but water. 

Lack of Regulation is a Concern 

Health professionals are concerned because the FDA does not regulate these teas. These teas haven’t proven any substantial results, and manufacturers can add anything they want in these teas. Team has stated that their ingredients are 100% all-natural. CNN contacted the other tea brands, and they refused to comment.

What are the Risks? 

These teas can be pricey, so investing in a tea that isn’t going to reap any results should be enough to think twice. Some of the teas contain Vitamin K, which in excess can result to blood clotting. Valerian root is another potential ingredient that can react with anti-anxiety medicines or anti-depressants.

With this being said, drinking tea is great. Stick to green tea or matcha to get some safe and natural health benefits. Weight loss is best reached by pursuing a holistic health routine. Exercise and a natural diet will give sustainable results that will leave you feeling better than detox tea ever will.