How Chiropractic Adjustments can Reduce Your Back Pain

Most people over 50 will have some sort of  back pain. There are many reasons that cause this. Some reasons for this may be a sedentary lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, or sports injuries just to name a few. One of the best ways to relieve this back pain is by having regular chiropractic adjustments.

If you feel pain or aggravation in your back from bending, lifting or twisting, you may have a spinal misalignment, subluxation or an aggravated disc. Symptoms  can include  problems with walking, pain or numbness in your legs or feet and even incontinence.  These symptoms can be a simple inconvenience or so extreme as to call 911.  Your chiropractor can diagnose a spinal misalignment or disc injury using x-ray and orthopedic  and other chiropractic analysis.

Discs are the shock absorbers of the spine. Injuries are extremely painful when the shock is not absorbed from your spine and can be felt with walking bending or twisting. Herniated discs are when the jelly like fluid leaks out  and  causes pain, weakness and numbness. Chiropractors treats disc pain with physiotherapy,  long axis traction, adjustments and soft tissue work.


Swiss Chiropractic Adjustment Study

To demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments to address herniated discs, a research program in Switzerland studied 148 people between the ages of 18 and 65 years whose disc herniation caused pain in their lower back and legs. More than half of the people studied suffered acute pain in their legs in less than a month. In addition to that, nearly 25% of the test subjects were diagnosed with chronic pain that lasted three months or more.

For the study, all the subjects were given chiropractic adjustments for their type of disc herniation. After two weeks of treatment, nearly 70% of the subjects said they were feeling better. At one month into the study, 80% of the subjects reported to feel better. At three months that number was more than 90%.

The results of the study show that chiropractic adjustments offer both short term and long term relief for disc herniation. It is important to create a balance of short term and long term relief. If your treatment only provides short term relief you will have to continue to get treatments indefinitely. If your treatment only provides long term relief, you will not feel the result quickly enough and it will seem like it isn’t working.

When you’re selecting a chiropractor, you want to find one that uses a complete and balanced approach. A good chiropractor will offer you more than just chiropractic adjustments. Your chiropractor should be able to offer you dietary advice to keep any nutritional deficiencies from showing up. Relax Holistic offers spinal decompression therapy as well as other forms of chiropractic adjustment. You can call the West Hollywood office at 310-652-3200. The Marina del Rey phone number is 310-827-3200. Finally, you can reach the Culver City office at 310-838-1600.